OpenMV Thermopile Shield


The Thermopile Shield gives your OpenMV Cam the ability to see heat. It features a 16×4 60°x16° field-of-view (FOV) sensor array capable of measuring object temperatures between -50˚C to 300˚C while measuring the room temperature (between -40˚C to 85˚C).

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Thermal Imaging Expansion Board your OpenMV provides the ability to view calories. It has a 16×4 60°x16° field of view (FOV) sensor array capable of measuring the temperature of an object between 85˚c and -50˚C while measuring room temperature ( -40˚C to 300˚C). The OpenMV firmware comes with a drive and can use the FIR module to control the Thermal Imaging expansion board.


The Thermopile Shield is great for temperature measurement applications or security applications. For example, you can use the Thermopile Shield with your OpenMV Cam to detect the presence of heat which will allow you to detect if there is a person in the field-of-view. This makes the Thermopile Shield excellent for detecting people in pitch black.


Length 36mm
Width 33mm
Height 24mm
Weight 5.5g



Circuit diagram (PDF): thermal.pdf
Eagle File: (Thermal.sch thermal.brd)