OpeenMV LCD Shield


The LCD expansion board lets your OpenMV camera out of the computer to display images. It uses a 1.8-inch 128×160 16-bpp (RGB565) TFT LCD display module and can control backlight. You can control it using the LCD library built into the OpenMV firmware.

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The LCD Shield gives your OpenMV Cam the ability to display what it sees on-the-go while not connected to your computer. It features a 1.8″ 128×160 16-bpp (RGB565) TFT LCD display with a controllable backlight. Your OpenMV Cam’s firmware has built-in support for controlling the LCD Shield using the lcd module.



The LCD Shield is great for robotic applications where you need to debug your OpenMV Cam in the field – like when debugging a line following robot. For example, you can use the LCD Shield to display the frame buffer after you’ve thresholded and drawn markups on an image.



Circuit diagram (PDF): lcd.pdf
Eagle File: (Lcd.sch lcd.brd)



Screen size 1.8 “
Resolution 160*128
Color 64k RGB565
Length 48mm
Width 38mm
Height 13mm
Weight 13g